We believe in a Better World

Our Green Manifesto

Our 7 Sustainability points

1. We are an Italian factory that has been producing quality knitwear in Turin since 1936, with a vertical internal production from yarns to finished garments, 100% Made in Italy.

2. We use natural fibers, recyclable and biodegradable, to protect the health both of the wearer and of the environment.

3. We use only raw materials certified for environment and human health protection.

4. We promote a short supply chain, by buying our fibers from Italian or European suppliers.

5. We produce high quality garments that last over time and do not become waste soon.

6. We respect workers and promote local community know-how and excellence of knowledge.

7. We produce our garments using renewable energy, sustainable packaging and recycled materials. We are for 35% energy independent.

We use only natural fibers

The fibres, the colours, the nature’s shapes. A sophisticated, exquisite modern style, at the same time essential and devoted in instilling quality in any detail, by using innovative and absolutely natural fibres and fabrics, sometimes dyed in imperfect, unique colours realized by herbal infusions.

Contrasts made by matching different colours, fabrics or fibres in one single item. Knitwears to be worn on the skin in multiple layers where underwear and clothing chase and complete each other, giving birth to a brand-new proposal, distinguished by comfort, sophistication and great personality.

Collections to show, to wear and most of all to touch, with the only aim to feel the warm embrace of Nature on your skin.

Wear well, healthy green and respectfully.

We reject the traditional cycle of fashion that promote discounts and overcomsumption.

We aim to create uncompromised quality products that last for life.

We’ve disregarded seasonal collections, cut out all middlemen and we only sell directly to you – putting our entire focus in building a Permanent Collection.

We locate the finest natural materials and partner exclusively with responsible mills and eco-friendly mission.

By cutting all middlemen and multi-brand stores, we invest in higher craftsmanship, at an end-price way below traditional retail.


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